3Hour Golf has created the first ever solution - Pace of Play Index
What is Pace of Play Index?
Most serious golfers have a Handicap Index, which measures your general golfing ability based on strokes required per round.
The Pace of Play Index™ operates similarly where it measures your individual pace of play. This is accomplished by first measuring what we call your TruePace. This is a measure of how much time it would have taken you to play had you been the only player on the course.
Why a Pace of Play Index?
If we want new people to get into the game their first experience cannot be a 5hour round at their local muni. Like it or not the new way of the world is faster and better. The Pace of Play Index™ works to make people more aware of their pace and start to develop faster pace of play habits through this awareness.

How Do I Participate?

If you are ready to be a ground level member of this movement just complete these basic steps:

Step 1: Create a FREE online account on

Step 2: We will send you a complimentary wristwatch that has been customized to help you track your TruePace

Step 3: Track your TruePace for each hole you play (see instructions below) and post your times online

Step 4: Your Pace of Play Index will be updated on the 1st and 15th on the same interval as your Handicap Index.


Custom Wristwatch

A custom wristwatch designed to help you measure your TruePace™
Online Profile

Free Profile

Free online profile on to track your index, rounds and times.

Complimentary Bag Tag

Complimentary bag BETA tester bag tag to show that you are part of the pace of play movement.

VIP Access

VIP access to upcoming social network, tournaments and events.

How Do I Measure My TruePace On The Course?

  • Your TruePace is essentially a measurement of how long your round would have taken had you been the only player on the course.

  • Think of your TruePace as your “score” for each hole.

  • Start your timer when it is your turn to play each hole.

  • Stop the timer each time your impeded by another player.

  • Repeat for each hole you play.

  • If you forget to start/stop your timer don’t panic! Just estimate your time and then mark as estimated on your scorecard. You will enter this hole as estimated when you post your TruePace online.


About 3Hour Golf

The Pace of Play Index was created by two golfing buddies. On a trip to the Stadium Course at PGA West in Palm Springs, CA founders Scott and Tim were joined up with two random players from Wisconsin (Packers fans but we can let that slide). We were the first group out and played in 3:30. It was amazing! We still had fun, chatted, drank beers and shot some decent scores. After that experience Tim, a human behavior analyst by trade, started to think about why that round had been so fast? The conclusion was that all members of the group just happened to have learned fast pace of play habits. Without even thinking about it every member of the group was playing ready golf, hitting provisionals, putting out on the green and ready to hit when it was their turn. The thing about learning new habits through is that we need to them to be reinforced! This is where the idea for the Pace of Play Index came from. Currently in golf you are only reinforced for one thing...your score. By creating a Pace of Play Index we can now quantify our individual pace of play and start to create new pace of play habits!


Our Team

3Hour Golf and the Pace of Play Index was founded by two regular golfers, Scott and Tim. We both like to play fast and care about pace of play. One day, after a surprisingly quick round, we started to think about ways to help speed up the game. This is where the Pace of Play Index and the dream of making 3 hour rounds of golf came from!

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan is a human behavior analyst by trade. He has worked as an educator and therapist for people with special needs for over 15 years. He specializes in how and why people develop and maintain habits and how this knowledge can help improve people’s overall quality of life.

His first job was as a greenskeeper at one of his local golf courses at age 15. This is where he fell in love with the game, even though he didn’t get the ball in the air that first year. But through a combination of being able to play for free on Mondays and $10 nine holes at the local muni he started to learn the game. He has remained an avid golfer ever since!

Scott Harrington

Scott Harrington is a project manager by trade, and has applied project management techniques to varying professional roles over the last 20 years. His father taught him the game of golf at the young age of 8 at the Harwichport Golf Club on Cape Cod. He has been hooked on the game ever since and loves to travel to different courses across the US and abroad to play.

His favorite course is the Mauna Kea Golf Course on the big island of Hawaii. Scott dreams of retiring on Hawaii where ha can play at Mauna Kea every day!

The Future of 3Hour Golf

Make 3Hour rounds no longer a myth but a reality!

1. Schedule tee times based on pace of play index leading to ZERO waiting on the golf course!

2. Meet-up and schedule tee times with other golfers who play at your pace and share your golf interests.

3. Accurately estimate how long a round will take.

4. Participate in leagues and tournaments organized based on Pace of Play Index.

5. Play a match with your friends that takes into account your TruePace per hole.


Feel Free To Ask Questions!